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Shamanism Australia References:

  • “Australian Aboriginal Shamanism”

Hume, L. L. (2004). Australian Aboriginal Shamanism. ABC Clio.

Parent work – Shamanism: An Encyclopedia of World Beliefs, Practices, and Culture

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Aboriginal Shamanism of Australia (Men of High Degree).

Traditional Australian Aboriginal healing – Mamu Spirit Doctors

Videos Shamanism

The Shaman

Deva Daricha “Understanding Sharmanism”

Videos Traditional Australian Aboriginal Peoples and Traditions

1. People of the Australian Western Desert

    1967, Total Running Time 314 Minutes (16 Episodes). In 1965 and 1967, the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies sponsored film trips by the then Commonwealth Film Unit to the Western Desert region of Australia. The object of these trips was to film the daily life of nomadic Aboriginal people living in the Gibson Desert of Central Australia. Although this land is one of the most arid regions of Australia, the people who lived there regarded it as rich in resources.

    2. Desert People

    1967, 49 Minutes. A day in the life of two nomadic families of the Australian Western Desert. Desert People was shot in 1965 in the Gibson Desert of the Australian Western Desert. There was still a handful of family groups perhaps three or four, living a nomadic hunter-food gatherer life, somewhere in the heart of the desert.

    Podcasts and Radio programs on Shamanism

    1. Australian Broadcasting Commission – The Rise of the Shaman 28 Jan 2023